Skills Sessions - Held at Haldon Forest Park nr Exeter,

The River Dart Country Park Jump Park

or Scadson Bike Park in Torquay.


Gift Vouchers are available to buy;

great gift idea for a friend, family or partner.   


Skills Sessions:

Evolve Mtb can provide One2One, same or mixed sex skills sessions, these are a fantastic way to learn

& pick up new skills that will up your riding confidence & level.  

With a maximum ratio of one instructor to eight students, you'll get practical,

insightful tuition from knowledgeable, friendly & inspirational coaches.


One2One courses offer more individual attention, with the ability to really focus on specific techniques for you.

Popping off a lip on a tabletop at the river dart bike park


Core skills Course;  

Is This Me?

  • You have just started riding or have come back after many years.

  • You want to learn how to tackle blue graded trails with more confidence & feel safer.

  • Want to iron out some niggles with your riding?

  • You'd like to ride & learn with people at the same level as you.

  • Scared of crashing and you'd like to be more confident.

What You'll Learn: 

  • Basic body position; The Ready Position & Cone of Movement.

  • What the different brakes do and when to use them.

  • How to corner, including body position, where to brake, line choice, balance & control.

  • Seated & standing pedalling, changing gears efficiently and correctly.Rolling drops and steep sections of trail.


Trail Riding Course:

Is This Me?

  • Feels like you've reached a plateau & would like to progress your riding.

  • Revisit the basics so you can move onto harder trails.

  • You sometimes struggle to keep up with other riders, but would like to without taking more risks.

  • You'd like to flow along blue & red graded trails.

  • You'd like to feel more in control of your bike in technical situations.

What You'll Learn:

  • We'll revisit the core skills, that the pro's rely on day in day out.

  • How to lift your front wheel off the ground and use your legs to find grip and more control.

  • How to ride drop offs safely, balanced and in control.

  • How to shape your body for corners.

  • How to trackstand for core low speed skills.

  • How to ride berms, flat corners and switchbacks, typically found on red routes.

  • Pumping & reading the trail.

Recommended Equipment and Kit

Before attending the course please ensure your bikes are in a safe working order. A bike check can be done at the start of the session if needed and will be done at the start of every beginners course. Every rider attending any course MUST wear a certified helmet, no helmet no ride. Other safety equipment such as gloves, elbow pads, knee/shin pads are not compulsory but is strongly recommended.

(I always wear knee pads, just in case!)

Please bring the appropriate clothing for a rainy day – thermals, waterproofs etc. The courses are long sessions and having the right clothing will make the day even more enjoyable. Also Hydration is key, please bring plenty of food/energy bars and water/energy drinks as the course will last a few hours.


To book, please email or phone & keep an eye on the facebook page!


Guided Ride & Skills Session